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International School of Turin
Opening the doors of tomorrow's world

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Mission Statement

The International School of Turin (IST), one of the only fully accredited IB schools in Italy, will empower every student to maximise his/her unique potential within a friendly, supportive, and inspiring environment. Through innovative education of the highest standard, the school will nurture lifelong learners prepared for the challenges of a changing world.


The International School of Turin (IST) is an independent, non-denominational, co-educational day School that strives to provide superior education in English, from Nursery through High School, for students from both the international and local communities of Turin. Admission is open to any student who meets the admissions criteria and who is capable of successfully pursuing the curriculum. In keeping with its mandate as an international school, IST presumes that all students will take the courses necessary to be prepared for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma examinations as well as to meet IST graduation requirements. Within that framework, the School recognises that it is serving an often transient student population and seeks to remain flexible in its programme to accommodate the specific needs of students and their families.

The School's mission is to create self-motivated, independent, lifelong learners, who are well prepared to go on to higher levels of education, and to meet the challenges posed and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by a constantly changing and more interdependent world. Toward these ends, IST's three International Baccalaureate Programmes (PYP, MYP and DP) provide a course of study that stresses the acquisition of a fundamental body of knowledge and the development of the basic skills and conceptual tools needed to gather, organise, analyse and understand the ever-increasing flows of information made available by advances in the sciences and humanities, to derive full enjoyment of the world's rich human and cultural resources, and to develop healthy minds and bodies. The School's instructional methods, in keeping with the IB philosophy, emphasise inquiry, reflection, critical thinking, effective communication, intercultural awareness, and appreciation of a variety of points of view. Through both the curriculum and extracurricular activities, students are encouraged to discover their individual talents, interests, and capacities for leadership, and to experience the joys of achievement and of service to others.

We believe that these objectives are best achieved in a supportive environment of trust and respect between the educational staff and the student body, inspiring a general sense of well-being and self-confidence, while demanding accountability and team-work. A primary role of IST's administration and governing body is to foster and promote this environment.

Philosophical Goals and Objectives

IST guides students to:

  • produce work of high quality in all subject areas
  • develop basic skills and conceptual tools in a range of disciplines
  • be precise, thorough, organised, and to concentrate
  • think independently, and to explore, discover, and solve problems
  • work jointly with others in investigating problems and sharing results
  • progress, where feasible, in programs individually adapted to their needs
  • develop sound minds and healthy bodies in organised sports activities
  • participate in meaningful curricular and extracurricular activities for personal enrichment and to develop their capacity for leadership, responsibility and service to others
  • discover their multiple talents and the joy of achievement
  • grow as intellectually, emotionally and socially constructive members of the world community
  • master progressively more complex generalisations, structures, systems and processes
  • explore and appreciate Italian culture through social events, special group projects and field trips
  • acquire the knowledge and skills needed for future endeavours
  • carefully select of a course of study beyond high school
  • deepen their understanding of themselves and others by assimilating the wisdom of the present and the past as a prologue to the future
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