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International School of Turin
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Headmaster Welcome

The International School of Turin is already known as a first-rate educational institution where scholarship, an appreciation of diversity and excellence in all its endeavors have become the central focus. With the addition of modern and eco-friendly educational facilities in 2010, the school assumes its position as a fine, academically oriented, college-preparatory institution.

It is with great pleasure that I serve the school’s community as its Headmaster, hoping to help create a school environment where all members of the school’s community can thrive in an ambiance of academic excellence, of inquiry and of educational curiosity. I see The International School of Turin as a community of learners. In this community of learners, teachers, parents and students perceive themselves as working partners in a learning process.

On-going technological advancements have dramatically altered the way in which our teachers and children view and deal with the vast amounts of information that have suddenly become available to all of us. Relationships are altered as it is perceived that, for the first time in the history of mankind, students often have access to more information than their teachers, or their parents. Whether they have the maturity or wisdom to deal with this influx of information is another issue and that is where the traditional roles of our teachers, as well as the traditional roles of parenting become transformed.

Suddenly we are all amazed by the educational opportunities that loom before us. How exciting it is, really, to perceive what enormous strides can be taken and how lucky we all are to belong to the community of learners called the International School of Turin.

Welcome to our school community.

Mr. John Mores


The International School of Turin

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