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Eco School

The International School of Turin proudly flies the ECO School flag. The flag indicates that IST has been recognized by the international Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) as an official ECO-SCHOOL. In alignment with FEE, the school aims to create a sustainable world in which education creates positive change.

IST offers a comprehensive programme in environmental education from its early years programme focusing on the natural elements through to the Diploma Programme’s Environmental Systems and Societies course. Furthermore, students throughout the school participate in the school’s permaculture programme.

The programme entails the theoretical teaching and learning of the core principles of permaculture along with year-round experiential learning activities in nature. Students throughout the school establish habits for wildlife to increase biodiversity, grow food in the organic gardens for the school’s cafeteria and innovate and monitor energy saving alternatives. The programme develops students who are passionate about protecting and regenerating the environment and educating the community in environmental awareness.

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