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Congratulations to the Class of 2017

The class of 2017 achieved outstanding results in the final IB examinations. With 100% pass rate, the Class of 2017 achieved an average score of 33 out of 45 (29.95 global av.) with 40 points our highest individual score. 59% of our students also achieved a bilingual diploma which is awarded when two mother-tongue level languages are studied.

Eathink video advertisement competition

Grade 10 Italian B students entered a competition on the theme of sustainability in February 2017 which involved creating a 30 second video advertisement. Their video won the Seminario Veronelli prize and can now be found on the official Eathink website.

May 27th 2017 Graduation Ceremony

IST Annual Photo Competition

Also this year IST has promoted the Photo Competition, open to students from all grades, the theme is "New Beginnings". Participants were allowed two entries and each photo had to be their own. The competition has three entry groups : Early Childhood and Elementary, Grades 6-10, Grades 11-12 and adults. Prizes awarded for the top 3 photos as voted by independent judges (one prize per category). We are glad to present a slideshow with all the photos have been submitted by April 28th:

Teatro dell’Istituto Sociale Corso Siracusa 10, Torino, April 7th 2017 @ 9pm:


During September 10-11th, a USAF B-17 called "Miss Charlotte" flew over the Mediterranean towards Cuneo, in Italian Piedmont, with the mission to drop 14 containers and 4 packs of ammunition and supplies to the Italian Piemontese Resistance. Caught in a terrible snowstorm the airplane flew further north from its drop-zone over an area where alpine peaks largely exceed 10,000 ft. On the night of September 12th Miss Charlotte crashed on the north face of Mount Grand Mioul in Susa Valley. None of the 9 crewmen survived.

To remember these soldiers, six IST students have been asked to work alongside a renowned sculptor to produce a memorial that has been placed on the crash-site. The sculpture has been casted at the Fonderia Artistica in Volvera thanks to the generous contribution of an esteemed member of the IST community. The monument has been inaugurated on September 18th 2016.

The Docufilm Miss Charlotte, that documents this chapter of the Italian history, will be presented by the scriptwriter Alessandro Battaglino and the historian Gianni Oliva at the Teatro dell’Istituto Sociale Corso Siracusa 10, Torino on Friday April 7th at 9.00pm.

Carnival Soccer Cup 2017

March 6st:

IST Wildcats won the UISP Coppa Carnevale! After a challenging semifinal and final match, team IST proudly won the tournament! Let's congratulate all the players when we see them in the halls! Well done IST!

February 4th:

On February 4th the IST soccer team played the first game of the Carnival Cup 2017 organized by UISP, a local city sport league. The tournament involves 12 teams from Torino area. IST still have 2 more matches to play in the next coming weekend. The finals will be played on the the weekend of February 25/26 in Torino. Parents are welcome to come and support the team! Let's go for it and get in the final!

February 22nd:


The Grade 8 Language and Literature class presented the Return of the Living Literature Wax Museum with tremendous poise, creativity and enthusiasm. At the start of the year, students asked to be able to complete the project, which takes two months from start to finish.

On Wednesday, February 22, our students came alive as famous characters from classics in literature. Delivering a synopsis as a main character, students took a first person perspective that embodied the emotional, adventurous and challenging aspects of the character's existence and experience. Audiences from lower, middle and upper school enjoyed the performances as did parents and staff members.

Through the MYP's Global Context of Cultural and Personal Expression, our Grade 8 students captured the essence of what it means to express ourselves and our creativity. An active learning project, the Literature Museum allows our thinking to become visible, our creativity to be shared and our learning to come alive.

February 16th/18th:

IST hosting MAIS "ESL Special Needs & Technology" conference

On February 16Th/18th, IST will host the Combined ESL, Special Needs and Technology Conference. Participants will have the opportunity to listen to speakers address today's major issues in the fields of special education and technology, as well as to attend smaller break-out sessions addressing specific topics followed by hands-on opportunities in the computer labs. - See more at: http://www.mais-web.org/page.cfm?p=727

January 27th:

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today Middle School students took part at the event organised by Grade 8 classes to commemorate the International Day in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust. This day of commemoration is important to restate the continuing need for vigilance and to motivate people to ensure that the horrendous crimes, racism and victimisation committed during the Holocaust are neither forgotten nor repeated, whether in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

SAVE THE DATE: Grade 5 Ethical Bake Sale on Monday January 30th

On Monday, January 30th‪, our Grade 5 students will be holding an Ethical Bake Sale. An "Ethical" bake sale is when you create, buy, and eat treats in a positive, healthy way. In this Bake Sale the ingredients come from nature and very little packaging is used. The fruits, vegetable and wheat are grown nearby, or within Italy, and do not have chemicals like pesticides on them. Ingredients like coffee or cocoa beans come from Fair Trade markets which means that the farmers who grew these were paid well enough to support their families. We want our treats to be safe, healthy and made with care, in order for you to enjoy them better. Last year, Grade 5 students raised a total of €212.77 for the IST Charity Foundation, which they will be supporting again this year.

January 20th:

ExoMars mission engineer meets Grade 8 students at IST

Today, aerospace engineer, Stefano Petraz, spoke with Grade 8 students as part of their science unit on space exploration. Students prepared many questions for Mr. Petraz who is working on the ExoMars mission among other projects as operations engineer for Thales Alenia Italia. Questions ranged from career paths in aerospace engineering, to the functioning of satellites, to the design process which students learned is the same as the one they use in MYP! The Grade 8 students can be proud of their good listening skills and critical thinking questions. Mr. Petraz was just as impressed with our students as they were with him and his important work! Many thanks to Mr. Petraz for taking his time to broaden the horizons of our students, and to Ms. Hahn for arranging the visit.

NEWS from IST Unesco Club in Santarem:

January 12th:

Today, two representatives of IST UNESCO club presented the school strategy to reduce the CO2 emissions through the "Lasagna method" in the school garden. Together with the Science Teacher Dr. Astrid Tegge-Schuering, students had examined how the Carbon cycle becomes visible and alive in the Garden and then made a video presentation that explains the scientific process of soil and plants absorption of CO2 emissions:


January 11th:

"Today we planted an oak tree in Santarem's school garden as symbol for not wasting paper and other important natural resources. Actually soil and every plant and tree can reduce the co2 emissions. The national tree of Italy was presented by the IST UNESCO club today and the well-known Pinocchio story impressed everyone!"

Dr. Astrid Tegge-Schuering (leader of UNESCO club at IST)

January 10th-14th:

IST students will take part at the UNESCO Conference in Santarem (Portugal) about How to reverse CO2 emissions

For the last two years IST has been a UNESCO associated school and every year in January young scientists meet in Santarem (Portugal) to analyse, discuss and communicate about an ecological theme.

The 19th meeting will take place from January 10th to January 14th 2017 and the theme of the conference will be: How to reverse CO2 emissions.

A group of selected students of IST Upper School, will be participating and reflect on how our school and community could face this topic from three different perspectives: a photo exhibition, a poster and a video-presentation. They have chosen the school garden and they will promote in the meeting:

Carbon to Soil - Taking Actions - Starting reactions at IST

The Science teacher, Mrs. Schuering guides them to analyse the scientific processes and how effectively the plants, soil and the geological conditions could reverse the CO2 emission from the heavy traffic on Strada Pecetto! The focus is on the composting method used at IST to recycle the organic waste from our Cafeteria.

In the photo exhibition the IST UNESCO club will present the national tree of Italy - the oak tree, which is heavily related to the story of Pinocchio. We use this to remind the world not to use trees as fuels!

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