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The English Language Center

The "Transition Year" provided by the International School of Turin’s English Language Center (ELC) is designed to meet the needs of those students who do not possess the necessary fluency in English to enroll in the school's regular academic program. The program is available to students in Grades 2 – 10.

As a result of the time they spend in the IST English Language Center, students gain fluency in reading, writing, and speaking in English and the confidence to use English as a truly working language. Students enrolled in the English Language Center study English intensively, and as a general rule, may refrain from studying Italian or other languages during the time they are there. Exceptions to this rule are made on a case-by-case basis. The specifically trained teachers in the ELC program confer regularly with regular classroom teachers and often use materials based on topics being studied in the regular classroom as a base for their work in the Center. As such, the ELC functions in parallel to the school’s regular academic program.

During the student’s first six weeks in the ELC, benchmarks are set which define grade level goals and a timeline for predicted entrance to the regular school program. This individually designed programs are shared with and signed by the parents during the student’s first evaluation period in the ELC.

Though the actual time required to be spent in the ELC varies from student to student, and students are encouraged to progress as quickly as they are able, at least one “transition year” in the ELC can be expected. The school accepts the responsibility to ensure that transitions into the regular academic program, including the school’s Italian Studies program, are made as thoroughly and smoothly as possible.

Grades 2-10 students in the IST English Language Center pay a separate tuition fee. The English Language Center at the International School of Turin - has proven to be a viable option for students who wish to enroll, but who lack the necessary fluency in English to complete normal academic work.

When deemed as necessary, students in Grade 1 receive support with an ELC specialist in language periods. At the end of the school year, an evaluation is completed to decide if the Grade 1 students will continue in the regular academic program or enter into the ELC program full time.

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