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University Guidance

There are many different university systems around the world to which a student can apply. The most popular countries to which IST students apply are Italy, the UK and the USA.

Each system has its own particular application system and it is the responsibility of the student, in conjunction with IST’s College Counsellor, to determine what the country’s requirements consist of.

Preparation begins in Grade 11 and students should prepare all university applications by the end of October of Grade 12.

College & Career Counselling in Upper School inc. College & Career Workshops, University & College Visits, University & College Fairs, Careers Day, Careers workshops, Standardised Testing (PSAT, SAT & ACT), Presentations to Parents (in partnership with PTA), Transcripts, Testing for admission to a new school.

Where to find information on Universities & Colleges

Packed with deadlines, useful tips and heaps of websites the book is designed for Parents & students alike.

To take a look at universities around the world, click on this link: http://www.i-studentadvisor.com/

For the UK.

For the USA.

For Canada.

For Australia.

For Germany.

For Sweden.

For the Netherlands: Study in Holland and The Complete University Guide

Some colleges require you to take a separate test for you to be eligible to apply for a place at their institution. The most common tests for colleges in the USA are SAT I , SAT II and ACT. These tests can also be used for some European Universities such as Bocconi in Milan. Other tests are specific for certain courses such as BMAT and UKCAT for Medicine in the UK. Other tests are offered specifically by a university such as the Charles University, Prague, Medicine & Dentistry entrance exam. And finally some tests are purely to test your level of English Proficiency; IELTS & TOEFL.

IST College Handbook

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