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Good School Food

We are proud to offer the Good School Food project at IST. This project aims to educate young people about nutrition and good eating practices. The Hot Lunch Program is part of IST's academic programme and covered by its annual fees. The service is based on a healthy nutritional programme (Good School Food project) which includes high quality fresh food products (organic, local, fair trade) and varied menus suitable for all nutritional needs. For children in the Early Childhood section of the school there is Family Style Service at the table.

The Good School Food is an innovative project created at the International School of Turin. The GSF project sets the guidelines for the IST school canteen according to the importance of a healthy diet for students; it all starts from food which is freshly cooked on site every day - using local, seasonal and organic produce. We believe that good nutrition is important for good learning.

The Good School Food project is composed of three interconnected parts:

Good. The philosophy and worldview of this project.
School. Its education and nourishing principles.
Food. Its core mission: feeding healthy and happy children.

Good. Food at school has to taste nice and be appealing for the students. This is why it is cooked freshly every day in our new and modern kitchen. Good also means the food we serve has to be good for the environment.
“Good” is the sensorial perception of food tasting nice.
“Good” is freshly cooked food on site starting from fresh ingredients.
“Good” is a balanced diet and healthy food.
“Good” is using organic, local and seasonal produce.
“Good” is being respectful to the environment; reducing and recycling our wastes.

School. Eating is an educational act. The GSF project believes lunchtime at the canteen isn’t just a mere moment of feeding one’s body, but it can be an educational and fun time to nourish one’s whole self.
Using all of our senses when experiencing food, trying new and different dishes, learning not to waste food and to appreciate the abundance we have, all of these are educational values that the GSF encourages.
The GSF is also involved in other activities that promote education through food.
The GSF Vegetable Garden is a great way of bringing the outside in the school, and to get the students to learn about plants, nature, and growing food.
Cooking classes are a great experiences for students to prepare and cook together.
Field trips to farms and producers in the area can help the students build connections between what they eat at school and where it comes from, how it is farmed, and the people who produce it.

Food. The best ingredients for the school meals: local, organic, D.O.P. and fair-trade
• Fruits and vegetables are locally sourced, mostly certified organic, and seasonal.
• Pasta, extra virgin olive oil, milk, yoghurt, and fruit juices are certified organic.
• Meats and rice are locally sourced from the Piemonte region
• Cheeses and cured meats are D.O.P. certified.
• Chocolate, cocoa powder, bananas, pineapple are Fair-Trade certified.

IST also offers a large variety of International dishes.