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Student Council


Primary School Student Council is a student-led initiative to help the Primary School be a better place by getting input and help from student leaders. Primary School Student Council gives students an opportunity to show their leadership, cooperation, and commitment skills. Student Council encourages school spirit, helps find solutions to school-wide problems, and creates meaningful activities for the student body. Representatives meet regularly, exhibit leadership skills, communicate with their peers, and share their ideas to make the school a better place.

  • To promote a 'School Spirit' within the Primary
  • To organise a variety of school events
  • To volunteer in school events
  • To liaise with other groups, e.g. PTA and Secondary School Student Council, on whole School and community events
  • To provide leadership opportunities for the students involved

Structure and Organisation

The Council is made up from democratically elected representatives from Grades 2 to 5. Each grade elects 2 representatives through an age-appropriate process, with candidates having the opportunity to explain to their peers why they want to be on the Student Council. Extra meetings will be called when the council is involved in organising specific events. Students are expected to take their responsibility to the council seriously, and in return, their views will be valued, respected and taken into consideration when planning for the future of the Primary School.

Being a member of the Primary School Student Council is a great privilege for those elected. They can expect to be involved in a wide range of activities such as setting an agenda, brainstorming ideas, problem-solving, voting, setting action items as well as promoting events and other issues with their peers. Some of the most popular events have been Spirit Days, 100th day of school celebration, Earth Day, Literacy Week, and Talent Show. These activities offer perfect opportunities for developing citizenship skills and effective team working skills, as well as encouraging a sense of ownership and belonging to their School.


The Secondary School Student Council serves as:

        • An organisation that works with individuals and organisations inside IST on projects that serve the interests of IST students.
        • A funnel for petitions and requests of students to the administration.
        • A body concerned with the overall feeling of pride and spirit within the School.
        • An organisation that encourages and helps students to take responsibility for the condition of student facilities.
        • A body responsible for the organisation of activities involving the student body and the use of school facilities and/or funds for which there is no other organisation.
        • The controller of all student funds. These funds may be used for the welfare of the students as the Student Council sees fit.

The Student Council consists of the following student and faculty members:

        • The Student Council President (elected by a vote of the student body)
        • The Student Council Vice-President
        • The Student Council Treasurer
        • The Student Council Secretary
        • The Student Council Social Coordinators
        • The Class Representatives
        • The Faculty Advisor
        • The Technical Director/s
        • The Trainee/Assistant