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Our Alumni remain a part of our extended community and take part schedule events at school, receive assistance in applying for universities/graduate schools and much more.

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Aims and Objectives of the Alumni Club:

Alumni Relations

Promote collaboration among former students, their teachers and others associated with the school. Make current students aware of the value of its alumni, and the alumni aware of its important role in the development of the school.

Alumni Fundraising

Contribute resources to foster excellence amongst students and staff.

Business to Business/Networking

Foster a worldwide network of alumni so current and former members of the IST Community can work together to reach personal and professional objectives.

Benefits and Services

The Alumni Club maintains a directory of classmates for the purposes of reunions, other social gatherings and special projects. IST offers assistance to former students who wish to pursue graduate study beyond university level. Students wishing to enroll as visiting students at universities, while they are completing a degree program, may also rely on the school for assistance.

Visiting IST

Guidelines for Visiting Students

A visiting student must have a presently enrolled IST student as the host for the visit. The hosting student or their parent should email the appropriate principal, at least one week before the intended visit to investigate the possibility of the visit on the preferred date. At the beginning of the visit, both the visiting student and the host student should go to the main reception of the school to sign in. The visiting student should remain with the host student at all times during the school day, and should behave in a way that is expected of any student at IST. Any breaches of good behaviour will, unfortunately, oblige the school to end the visit immediately.

Please note that visiting students may not participate in any school trips or visits, and that the number of visitors in any class is limited. Visitors may come in to school on one day only. The Secondary School cannot accept visitors during the last week of school before any vacation.

Former students are not able to visit IB Diploma classes.