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IST High School Diploma

IST requires all students to complete a minimum of twenty-seven (27) credits to meet the requirements for its internally awarded International School of Turin Diploma.

One credit of work is offered for the successful completion of the equivalent to 176, forty minute lessons over the school year. The courses are considered to be year-long courses with final examinations taken at the end of the school year. Students do not receive credit for courses required for the IST or IB Diploma that are failed.

To be awarded the IST diploma, students must take the following courses:

English (4 Credits)

Foreign Language (4 Credits)

Social Studies (3 Credits)

Mathematics (4 Credits)

Science (3 Credits)

Music/Art (1 Credit)

Theory of Knowledge (1 Credit)

CAS (1 Credit)

Physical Education (1 Credit)

Electives (5 Credits)

Total: 27 Credits

Students transferring to IST during grades 9-12 will be required to provide transcript confirmation of credits already earned or academic progress already achieved in a previous school. When students are transferring from school systems not familiar with a credit system or with a different composition of credits, IST has the discretion to adjust the 27 credit requirement for graduation.

While this internally awarded diploma enables students to gain admission to a wide variety of prestigious American colleges and universities as well as some private, specialized colleges in Europe, it will not usually give access to universities in the UK, Italy, or other European universities due to differing entrance requirements.