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Learning Support Programme

Learning Support Programme (LS) is designed to meet the needs of those students who would benefit from a more individualised approach to maximize their academic success at IST.

The objective of the programme is for the students enrolled in Learning Support is to take advantage of students’ academic strengths and to use these to provide broader and more meaningful educational programmes. Individual Education Plans (IEPs), or Action Plans are designed for each student, outlining learning targets and listing the specific plans, accommodations, and resources that will be used to attain them.

Learning Support teachers will also work with those students who would benefit from accelerated programming. Students identified as gifted in certain areas may also be enrolled in Learning Support, affording them the opportunities to explore, challenge and further their academic goals and achievements.

Part of the focus for students participating in the Learning Support programme will be on the cognitive constructs that contribute to and impact their learning potential. These neurodevelopmental constructs (memory, language, attention, motor skills and more) are significant determinants in the development, progress and process of how and to what extent we learn in academic and social areas.

For students enrolled in Learning Support, the programme will look at the development of these constructs and specific methods to improve areas that are impacted. By addressing these areas at the core of cognitive development, we look to help students improve in their academic progress. Since students are individually invited to participate in the Learning Support programme, and since they receive individualised services, the school charges a fee in addition to the school’s tuition.

Overall, Learning Support gives students the opportunity to utilise and develop their academic talents to the best of their abilities, providing opportunities for each student to reach his or her individual academic excellence.