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English Language Learner (ELL) Programme

The English Language Learner (ELL) programme is designed to provide students with the reading, writing, comprehension, speaking skills in order to become confident learners of English both academically and socially.


Primary ELL students in Grades 2-5 work in a small group with the Primary ELL Teacher both in the classroom or in a withdrawal class. The type of support that is provided will vary dependent upon student needs.

When deemed necessary, students in Grade 1 are tested and receive support with an ELL teacher. At the end of the school year, an evaluation is completed to decide if the Grade 1 students will continue in the regular academic programme or enter into the ELL programme. There is no additional fee for ELL in Grade 1.


Secondary ELL students in the Middles Years Programme (Grades 6-8) are taught Language Acquisition English by a qualified ELL Teacher. In addition to this taught subject, students have additional English support in the classroom when learning other subjects. It is this additional in-class support that attracts the ELL fee. Students enrolled in the ELL programme may not study other foreign languages during the time they are in the programme.

Our specialist ELL teachers confer regularly with classroom or subject teachers and with parents to discuss student progress. ELL teachers work collaboratively with classroom teachers to ensure that the individual needs of students are met. During the first weeks of school students are tested using an internationally recognised assessment tool, and following this testing, benchmarks are set which define grade level goals.

ELL students in Grades 2-8 are charged a different tuition fee to cover the cost of this ELL additional support. The subject Language Acquisition English continues throughout the IB MYP and IB Diploma Programmes.

Home Language (mother tongue)

Students who study Language Acquisition: English will be required to study theirHome Language. Home Language comes as an additional cost to parents depending on the programme decided. Options could include: students may bring work to school from their language tutor and work independently on their Home Language. Other families may find an online course that is the most suitable option for them. Parents may choose to engage an outside teacher to teach a student their Home Language during the school day. IST is able to provide space for these lessons to take place.

However, where there is more than one student enrolled in the same Home Language course of study, the cost of that class is shared by the families of those students. If five or more students from the same grade are enrolled in the same Home Language course, IST will bear that cost. IST financially supports the Home Language in Italian.