Our Strategic Direction

After a long process which included input from all IST stakeholders and the Board of Directors, we have decided on the School's new strategy.

Moving the International School of Turin to the next level of success

Using a design thinking process, we feel we have captured the essence of what our school needs to focus on during the next three years. Our approach intentionally involved reflection and consensus from the Board of Directors, faculty/staff, students and parents, to build common understandings about the school’s direction. It has allowed us to set aspirational strategies that are co-constructed.

Learning is the main area that the school will focus its strategy upon in 2021-2024 because it is the reason that the school exists and the area in which we can make the greatest positive impact. We know that we need to empower our students for tomorrow’s world as well as today’s and that will involve teaching for the unknown. By focusing on excellent learning, we locate ourselves at the heart of our mission.


We prepare our students for life

By offering enriching co-curricular initiatives and service activities and employing motivated and high calibre teachers, we create a stimulating environment that promotes lifelong learning where collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, inquiry-based learning and digital citizenship flourish.

By enhancing flexibility and resilience we equip our students for the demands of the future while ensuring their wellbeing.


We are International and Open Minded

By embracing diversity as a strength, we foster international and open mindedness and promote inclusion ensuring a welcoming and respectful environment.


We support and nurture our community

By establishing and nourishing relationships within the current IST family, our alumni and the broader community, we actively promote, celebrate and contribute to the school’s team spirit and pride as well as our community members’ successes and achievements.


We are sustainable and promote sustainability

By safeguarding the school’s financial sustainability and educating and involving our community in minimizing our carbon footprint, we ensure a strong and long lasting foundation for our students’ education and future.