Our Strategic Direction

After a long process which included input from all IST stakeholders and the Board of Directors, we have decided on the School's new strategy.

Moving the International School of Turin to the next level of success

Using a design thinking process, we feel we have captured the essence of what our school needs to focus on during the next three years. Our approach intentionally involved reflection and consensus from the Board of Directors, faculty/staff, students and parents, to build common understandings about the school’s direction. It has allowed us to set aspirational strategies that are co-constructed.

Learning is the main area that the school will focus its strategy upon in 2019-2022 because it is the reason that the school exists and the area in which we can make the greatest positive impact. We know that we need to empower our students for tomorrow’s world as well as today’s and that will involve teaching for the unknown. By focusing on excellent learning, we locate ourselves at the heart of our mission.


Build our community

Be a team that everyone wants to play for.
Help everyone feel they belong here.
Give students more responsibility and a greater say in how the school is run.


Prepare for life

Do great work and be great people.
Offer a curriculum that broadens every student’s mind and broadens their opportunities too.
Put character formation and wellbeing at the heart of the curriculum.


Create stimulating experiences

Create life-changing learning experiences.
Make classroom learning as exciting as field trips.
Ensure learning happens inside and outside the classroom.


Connect with the people around us, and beyond

Be of service to the community outside our school by producing students who can run their own lives and influence the lives of others.
Share our school’s story with the world.
Understand our identity and communicate it better.