Student Life

At IST we provide a safe and supportive environment of trust and respect, inspiring a general sense of well-being and self-confidence, that emphasizes academics, balanced learning opportunities, and support to healthy social and emotional well being.

We believe in educating children with the purpose of creating self-motivated, independent, lifelong learners and innovators.

In addition, we believe that children learn best when encouraged to discover their individual talents, interests, and capacities for leadership, as well as to experience the joys of achievement.

Cocurrilurar Programme

At IST we offer programs and experiences outside of the classroom that balance our students' learning experience by giving them the tools they need to express creatively, think critically, communicate effectively and learn through inquiry.

Girl with flute
Student Council

The IST Student Council is a student-led initiative that encourages students show their leadership, cooperation, and commitment skills, encouraging school spirit in finding solutions to school-wide problems and creating meaningful activities for the student body.

International Exchanges

The School’s instructional methods, in keeping with the IB philosophy, emphasize intercultural awareness, helping to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect

Summer Camp

IST Summer Camp offers four weeks of unforgettable summer learning. IST Summer Camp gives children the opportunity to develop independence, make personal choices and gain confidence.

Eco School

At IST we encourage the whole community to be part of protecting and regenerating the environment and designing the sustainable world that we need. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive programme in environmental education, starting from its early years programme.