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International School of Turin
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School Governance

The International School of Turin is legally registered as a not­-for­-profit Association whose membership is composed of the parents or guardians of children enrolled in the School. Its mandate is documented by its By­Laws, a legal document registered in Italy which is available to all members of the Association. Tri­ennially, members of the Association elect a Board of Directors and invest in the Board the management of the affairs of the School.

The Board, in turn, selects a President, Vice ­President, Treasurer and Secretary from its members.

The Board of Directors appoints the Head of School, who is the chief administrator of the School. The Board of Directors is legally responsible for administering the Association’s affairs. In addition to the By­Laws, the Board of Directors also publishes a Board Policy Manual which lists all of its administrative policies and procedures and through which the Head of School is authorised to administer the Association on a day-­to-­day basis.

Copies of the Board Policy Manual are also available to any member of the school community. The Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the Philosophy and Mission of the Association are securely implemented as well as to ensure that the school maintains it accreditation with the United States, with Europe, with the Italian Ministry of Education and the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

Current Board Members

  • Antonio Scarabosio | Board President
  • Uwe Niehaus | Board Vice President
  • Alessandro Potestà | Board Treasurer
  • Michele Recchi | Board Secretary
  • Carlo Re | Board Member
  • Emanuela Salza | Board Member
  • Miguel Panadero Hernandez | Board Member
  • Michelle Gally | Board Member
  • Elvira Puentes | Board Member
  • Barbara Buffa | Board Member
  • Anthony Coles | Head of School