After School Activities

The International School of Turin is delighted to offer a comprehensive range of after-school activities, trying to provide something for everyone in the form of curriculum extensions activities or before/after school programmes.

All activities that are held on campus take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 15.30 to 16.45. For those who already make use of the regular bus service there is a dedicated shuttle bus departing from the school at 17.00.

Home Club

The extended day program aims at providing prolonged supervision after the school day. Students (divided into two age groups) will engage in relaxed games and activities. Elementary students can also use this time to do their homework (volunteering CAS students will provide support on selected days). 

Age groups: Nursery to Kindergarten and Grade 1 to Grade 5. 

Monday through Friday, single or multiple days options.



Group lessons for young musicians that want to learn how to play a string instrument or improve their musical skills. 

The activities offered are as follows: 

Junior Orchestra: for beginning students or those that have already had experience playing a string instrument. 

IST Orchestra: for selected students that have already perfected their musical skills with a string instrument. 

Orchestras will perform concerts during both school and non-school events. The students that have been selected by the teacher to attend the IST Orchestra will receive an email at the beginning of the year requesting to confirm their desire to participate in the activity.