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Registration for the certification exams takes place via the following website of the Goethe-Institut Rome (= headquarters in Italy):



Portal for registration via teachers:




Teachers can enroll one or more students in their classes with one of the authorized partners in Italy up to 1 month before the exam date.



Students who want to enroll without a teacher for a junior exam to be taken in Turin can do so individually from the web pages of the respective Goethe-Institut. If they wish to take an exam at one of the authorized partners in Italy, they will have to register on the website of the Goethe-Institut of Rome.


CONTACT Goethe-Institut Rome:

For telephone consultation: +39 06 84400591

E-mail: esami-italia@goethe.de





1. The examination regulations and examination rules of the Goethe Institute apply.


2. Registration:

2.1 Before registering for the exam, all interested parties have the opportunity to obtain adequate information, at the exam center or via the internet, on the exam requirements, Regulations, rules for carrying out the tests and communication of the results.

2.2 Interested parties can obtain the registration forms online. Only applications submitted to the competent examination center in the prescribed forms and deadlines will be taken into consideration. Upon registration, candidates (parents or guardians for minors) confirm that they are aware of and accept the current Examination Regulations and the Exam Conducting Rules. The exam regulations and the related exam conduct rules can be consulted on the internet in an updated version.

2.3 Registration must be carried out by completing the online form. The Goethe-Institut Italien assumes no responsibility in the event of incorrect completion of the registration forms.

2.4 After registering online, candidates will receive the registration slips and a debit document, the amount of which must be paid before the exam date by bank transfer to the Goethe-Institut Italien, to the following bank details: Bank Intesa SanPaolo, BIC: BCITITMM, IBAN: IT30G0306903213100000560055. The candidate's customer code and/or school ID code must be indicated in the reason for payment.

2.5 For candidates with specific needs it is possible to take the exam using particular conditions if the specific need is demonstrated, at the time of registration, with suitable documentation. In this regard, see the Supplements to the Rules for carrying out exams: candidates with specific needs (people with physical disabilities).


3. Dates:

3.1 The exam center defines the location and dates of the exam and the registration deadlines.


4. Examination fee:

4.1 The amount of the examination fee is established by the tariff regulation in force in the relevant location. Only those candidates who have paid the entire exam fee will be able to access the exam.

4.2 In case of impossibility to take the exam for health reasons, the relevant fee may be reused for the next exam session, subject to any possible deduction of administrative costs.


5. Obligation to certify identity:

5.1 Before the start of the exam, and possibly also during the exam, candidates must be identified by means of a valid identity document, complete with a photograph of the holder.


6. Exclusion from the exam:

6.1 Candidates who, during the test, adopt unfair conduct, hold, use or lend unauthorized aids or disturb the regular running of the test with their behavior - even by showing up late - will be excluded from the exam. In these cases the exam will not be evaluated and no refund will be granted.


7. Withdrawal from the exam and/or interruption of the test:

7.1 It is possible to withdraw from the exam. In this case, however, there is no right to reimbursement of the exam fee paid. If the withdrawal occurs before the start of the test, the latter will be considered not taken; if it occurs after the start, the exam will be considered failed.

7.2 If you do not take or interrupt the exam for health reasons, you will need to immediately present a medical certificate to the competent exam center.


8. Notification of exam results:

8.1 The exam results are published on the internet. It is not possible to communicate the results to individual candidates in advance.


9. Certificates:

9.1 Candidates from schools who have passed the exam will receive the corresponding certification by courier to the address they indicated when registering.

9.2 In case of loss of the certification, within 10 years from the date of the original it is possible to obtain the issue of a replacement certificate for a fee.


10. Appeal:

10.1 Any appeals against the exam results must be presented in writing, within two weeks of the relevant notification, to the management of the center where the test was taken.

10.2 Any appeals against the methods of carrying out the exam must be presented immediately after the exam to the management of the exam center where the test was taken.


11. Having read:

11.1 In case of failure to pass the written production test, at the end of the entire session, upon request and in the presence of the person in charge of the exams, candidates (accompanied by a parent or guardian, if minors) will be able to view of the part corresponding to the open-ended and semi-open-ended questions.


12. Protection of personal data:

12.1 All participants in the exam are obliged to maintain secrecy and comply with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data. Candidates' personal data are not disclosed to third parties.


The Goethe-Institut Italien reserves the right to modify these General Conditions.


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